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About company

SKEO is a Russian manufacturer and supplier of equipment for fiber-optic communication lines. The company is developing effective fiber optic spectral multiplexing systems, supplying a wide range of equipment and servicing equipment for fiber optic installation.

The activities of SKEO are aimed at meeting the needs of telecom operators, Internet providers, communications departments of state organizations and industry companies.

The experience of developing CWDM / DWDM systems and the ability to produce specific compaction equipment, backed up by reliable equipment supply channels, allowed SKEO to become one of the leaders of spectral multiplexing systems.

Direct partnerships with telecommunications equipment market leaders, including companies such as Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems, provide our partners with a full range of equipment used in communication networks.

The supply of telecommunication equipment is accompanied by professional technical support of engineers certified by various vendors. Repair and maintenance of fiber optic installation equipment is carried out by a qualified certified engineer.

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